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Awareness Course

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✅ Required for those who 'come into contact with children' (KCSIE)
✅ One and a half hour self-paced online training
✅ Accredited (CPD-Certified)
✅ Certificate awarded (emailed automatically upon completion)
✅ Written by senior Safeguarding trainer, Louise Douglas
✅ Latest KCSIE basis for course
✅ Highly rated and recommended by UK schools!

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Course Information

This CPD-Certified, accredited, Safeguarding Awareness Online Level 1 Course has been created in accordance with the latest KCSIE, for those who 'come in contact' with children in their place of work, including schools, colleges, clubs and any organisation that works with children.

Accredited: CPD-Certified
Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who comes into contact with children during their place of work, including school staff, lunchtime assistants, caretakers, support staff, afterschool club helpers, office staff, headteachers, heads of year, senior teams, bursars, school nurses, school governors, schools, colleges, youth organisations, sports programs including football foundations, NHS, GPs, Drs and nurses.

Course Outline

Session 1 of 5

What is safeguarding and child protection?
Types of abuse and maltreatment
Child protection activity around us
Why is child protection important?

Session 2 of 5

Additional Government guidance
Some specific types of harm and the additional guidance-
provided by the Government in each case.

Session 3 of 5

Normal child development
Finding out: concerns about a child
Responding appropriately
How do you feel?

Session 4 of 5

Protecting children - your role
What safeguards are in place?
Safeguarding yourself and other adults
Working with others

Session 5 of 5

Case studies
Final thoughts and goals

Short multi-choice test
CPD Certified certificate awarded

Aims and Objectives

To enable you to:

  • Be aware about possible child abuse in different forms

  • Recognise and respond to concerns about a child

  • Take appropriate action

  • To understand normal child development

  • Maintain a focus on the child 


All staff should be aware of the process for making referrals to children’s social care and for statutory assessments under the Children Act 1989, especially section 17 (children in need) and section 47 (a child suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm) that may follow a referral, along with the role they might be expected to play in such assessments

(Keeping children safe in education - KCSIE Sept 2022 © Crown Copyright)

Employers are responsible for ensuring that their staff are competent to carry out their responsibilities for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and creating an environment where staff feel able to raise concerns and feel supported in their safeguarding role.

(Working together to safeguard children © Crown Copyright)

CPD Certified
CPD-Certified, accredited by CPD. Certificate awarded

Two CPD points awarded on the certificate, plus one point for each additional hour spent researching the subject

Access the course online, in your own time, for one year

One year access to the courses from your date of purchase

Author: Senior Safeguarding
trainer, Louise Douglas

BA (Hons), MA, Chartered FCIPD, MCIPR, Director, Graffham Consulting Ltd

5 star review
City of London School for Girls

"All knowledge was up to date and very informative, I have gained a better understanding of Safeguarding & Child Protection."

Safeguarding 1, 2 & DSL Level 3 (Jane R)

5 star review
Haberdashers' Aske's School

"All sessions were excellent, useful and met my expectations. I learnt about recent legislation, case studies, and gained a more informed view, it built on my current knowledge. The course was value for money and I really enjoyed it."

Safeguarding DSL Level 3 (Rach T)

5 star review
Westminster School

"I learnt more about the legal framework and tools to enable me to be better placed to support in terms of Safeguarding. The sessions were all excellent."

Safeguarding DSL Level 3 (Jon M)

*Questions & Answers
  1. Question: Can I sign up for instant access to the course?
    Answer: Yes, you can pay by card or PayPal.

  2. Question: How long will the course take to complete?
    Answer: The course duration is approximately two hours.

  3. Question: Is this course accredited?
    Answer: Yes, it is CPD-Certified.

  4. Question: Can I take this course any time of day?
    Answer: Yes, it is an online course, it can be completed online 24/7.

  5. Question: How do I get my certificate?
    Answer: Your certificate will automatically be emailed to you at the end of the course.

  6. Question: How long is my certificate valid?
    Answer: The certificate is valid for two years (KCSIE, within the education sector).

  7. Question: Does the course refer to KCSIE and Working Together to Safeguard Children?
    Answer: Yes, it covers all required knowledge for KCSIE and Working Together to Safeguard Children

  8. Question: How long can I access the course?
    Answer: You have three months from the time of purchase to complete your course and periodically log in to review the content to refresh your memory.

  9. Question: Do I need access to the Internet to take this course?
    Answer: Yes, to take the course, your computer needs to be connected to the Internet.

  10. Question: Can I take this course on my phone or laptop computer?
    Answer: Yes, you can take this course on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, as long as it is connected to the internet.
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