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Job Interview Tips: Non-Verbal Communication

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2019

In an interview, nonverbal communication is vital and is just as important as verbal communication. Put basically, nonverbal communication consists of a person’s facial expressions, tone and volume of your voice, and body actions such as hand position and postuer.
According to the 1967 Mehrabian and Ferris study, body language is 55%, tone of voice is 38%and actual words is 7% of all communication. There can be said to be two types of non-verbal communication. Firstly, Negative non-verbal communication. This can be seen in holding your hands, twirling your hair, tapping your feet. These show signs of poor confidence right at the start of the interview. Secondly, Positive Non-verbal communication. This is going to be discussed throughout the article. 
It is common practice for employers to whittle down the pool of candidates by relying on nonverbal communication to help. This is why it is essential to get this skill perfected. 

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