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Welcome to Graffham Global, where we specialise in elevating safeguarding standards in schools worldwide. Our tailored training programs range from whole-school awareness to Designated Safeguarding Lead Level 3 courses, ensuring all staff are equipped to protect children effectively. We are at the forefront of integrating AI in Safeguarding and Education, striving to create safer educational environments where the well-being of every child is prioritised. Join us in making a transformative impact.

'The AI-Powered Classroom: A Practical Guide to Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Artificial Intelligence

Authored by Andy Douglas and available on - Experience the power of AI in your classroom, even if you've never ventured beyond basic tech tools before!

Do you ever wonder how to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your teaching to enhance student learning and engagement? Are you overwhelmed by the complexity of AI and unsure about where to begin? Do you worry about balancing the ethical use of AI with the immense potential it holds for personalized learning

Essential reading for teachers
5 star review
City of London School for Girls

"All knowledge was up to date and very informative, I have gained a better understanding of Safeguarding & Child Protection."

Safeguarding 1, 2 & DSL Level 3 (Jane R)

5 star review
Haberdashers' Girls' School

"Excellent - My knowledge was refreshed, lots of practicle information which I found very useful. The trainer was very approachable and knew her stuff."

Safeguarding DSL Level 3 (Sue A)

5 star review
Forest Prep School

"I learnt how to lead situations instead of passing them on to someone else. Louise was very engaging and informative. Really excellent."

Safeguarding DSL Level 3 (Gab D)

Short Online Courses - Learn in your own time

Safeguarding level 1 Online Course

Safeguarding Awareness Course
(Online Level 1)

For those who 'come into contact' with children in their place of work

£50 +VAT
£45 +VAT (With code ONLINE10)

View online course
Safeguarding level 2 Online Course

Safeguarding Advanced Course
(Online Level 2)

For those who 'work with' children in their place of work

£60 +VAT
£54 +VAT (With code ONLINE10)

View online course
DSL Level 3 Online Course

DSL3 for Designated Safeguarding Leads Course (Online DSL Level 3)

For Designated Safeguarding Leads and Deputy DSLs

£160 +VAT
£144 +VAT (With code ONLINE10)

View online course
Prevent Awareness Online Course

Prevent Awareness Course (Online)

Awareness training for radicalisation within schools

£60 +VAT
£54 +VAT (With code ONLINE10)

View online course
Safer Recruitment Online Course

Safer Recruitment for Schools and Colleges Course (Online)

Essential guidance for those involved in School recruitment

£95 +VAT
£85.50 +VAT (With code ONLINE10)

View online course
Safeguarding for Governors Online Course

Online Safeguarding Responsibilities for Independent School Governors

Safeguarding guidance, know your responsibilities as a school governor

£95 +VAT
£85.50 +VAT (With code ONLINE10)

View online course
5 star review
Risk Assessment Training

"I would recommend this course to other team members - Louise was an excellent trainer, look forward to seeing her again - This course was useful for those designing programmes and activities, empowering them to upskill in their risk assessment abilities" (Nat H)

Accredited - CPD Certified

Most of our courses are accredited by CPD: 1 hour of study = 1 point, plus 1 point for each additional hour spent researching

Access to online courses

One year access to the courses
from date of purchase.
Courses are internet based,
so you can log in and take them

Courses developed by senior Safeguarding trainer

Louise Douglas
BA (Hons), MA, Chartered FCIPD, MCIPR
Director, Graffham Consulting Ltd

5 star review
Bancroft's School

"The modules were excellent and Louise exceeded my expectations on the day in how she presented the training. I can't recommend Graffham enough."

Safeguarding DSL Level 3 inset (Lisa L)

5 star review
Bishop's Stortford College

"All sessions were excellent and the trainer was so good, personable, informative, helpful & engaging. I have learnt so much from the course, thank you."

Safeguarding DSL Level 3 (Jane D)

5 star review
Woodlands School

"The trainer was brilliant! The sessions were excellent, extremely useful & informative: my knowledge has been refreshed. Extremely pleased with the whole course."

Safeguarding DSL Level 3 (Jan C)

Blog: Stay ahead of AI and Safeguarding

AI in Education: A Dynamic Duo (Glimpse of the future)

Dec 09, 2023

Social Media Safety: Tips for Staying Safe Online

Sep 15, 2023

RAAC cement in schools: Risks to children, new DfE guidance

Sep 06, 2023

How is Safeguarding Children different in the USA from the UK?

Jul 25, 2023

What is online Safeguarding DSL Level 3?

Feb 27, 2023

5 star review
The Abbey School

"I was taught how to deal with any Safeguarding issues and the appropriate actions to take. I found the whole course to be excellent."

Safeguarding Level 1 (JD)

5 star review
Whitefield Primary School

"My knowledge of current legislations is now up to date. I now have a much deeper understanding of Safeguarding legislation. The trainer was amazing."

Safeguarding DSL Level 3 (Jamie P)

5 star review
Saint Nicholas School

A very detailed & interesting course which covered all aspects of the DSL role in great detail. I now feel well prepared for the role. I would highly recommend this to other school leaders.

Online DSL Level 3 (Jane R)

Safeguarding Courses via Zoom

Private and live, for one person or small groups, with our senior Safeguarding trainer,

Louise Douglas

BA (Hons), MA, Chartered FCIPD, MCIPR

For group training, online, Zoom or face-to-face,
please email [email protected]


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5 star review
Haberdashers' Aske's School

"All sessions were excellent, useful and met my expectations. I learnt about recent legislation, case studies, and gained a more informed view, it built on my current knowledge. The course was value for money and I really enjoyed it."

Safeguarding DSL Level 3 Course (Rach T)

5 star review
Westminster Abbey Choir School

"I learnt more about the legal framework and tools to enable me to be better placed to support in terms of Safeguarding. The sessions were all excellent."

Safeguarding DSL Level 3 (Jon M)

5 star review
Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Foundation

"I would recommend this course to other team members - Louise was an excellent trainer, look forward to seeing her again - This course was useful for those designing programmes and activities, empowering them to upskill in their risk assessment abilities"

Risk Assessment Training (Nat H)

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